Blog Sound level meter platform that equips you for any measurement task

With a wide range of sound measurement tasks, VM Acoustics needed a sound measurement unit that could serve all their needs reliably.

VM Acoustics is an acoustics consulting company based in Aarhus, Denmark, that works with a wide variety of different acoustics projects and noise measurements.

When VM Acoustics makes measurements for a client, they need to get and validate measurement data quickly and efficiently, and they need to be able to trust the results. They also need to be able to generate reports in a fast and reliable way, based on measurement data. This is the main reason why Civil Engineer Ole Jacob Veiergang from VM Acoustics chose Brüel & Kjær’s Type 2250 for his sound and vibration measurement platform.

“2250 is unique because it’s a complete measurement lab […] it’s reliable and generates valid results,” says Ole Jacob Veiergang.

A comprehensive set-up

We met with Mr. Veiergang in an apartment in Mejlgade in Aarhus, Denmark, where he was measuring airborne sound insulation and impact sound level. An existing two-storey building had been divided into two separate apartments and therefore the building partition needed testing for compliance with sound insulation and impact sound regulations.

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“Aside from omnidirectional loudspeakers, tapping machines and amplifiers we own two Type 2250s with a lot of microphones that are calibrated every second year,” Ole Jacob Veiergang explains.

Reliable results are essential

VM Acoustics’ clients expect reliable results. So, it is key to Mr. Veiergang that his equipment is dependable and up to date in respect of the local and international standards it supports.


“It’s essential that the software is always up to date. I need to be confident that my equipment measures according to the current standards. Alternatively, if my equipment is not current and up to date or doesn’t measure correctly the recordings are useless and I need to start all over,” Ole Jacob Veiergang explains. The same applies to the services delivered by his suppliers.

“Brüel & Kjær has a great customer support and keep their equipment current. This is also the case with international standards, where Brüel & Kjær is always on the ball.”

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From wind turbines to restaurants with Brüel & Kjær

The majority of VM Acoustics’ work is in the field of building acoustics but they also perform noise assessments on, for example, industrial plants, restaurants, and wind turbines. And over the years Brüel & Kjær measuring equipment has always played a central role for VM Acoustics and for Ole Veiergang.

I discovered Brüel & Kjær instruments back when I was a student at DTU in the 1980s. Back then they were considered the gold standard and, in my opinion, still are”.